Dulaine Troy Vining


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Support, promote, and recognize our women at all cost. Reduce city hall & wasteful spending

Restore small biz & school confidence

Stop favoritism & cronyism

Annex Census-designated locations

Reimagine our parks with water 

Neighborhood capital spending budget

Stop over-schooling-3 days weekly

Support victims of violent crimes

Support 2nd Amendment

Support no-cash bails

Support tax limits on home assessments

Air and water quality transparency

Gordon Plaza remedy

Creative land use initiatives for housing

Enforce NOPD to pay consent decree

Residents to elect NOPD police chief

Stop racial divide on Lakefront

Fulfill broken promises by mater plan

Continue streets & roads repairs

Support non-profits missions

Prisons are needed for violent crimes

Reform city's boards & commissions

End special interest groups

Strengthen our branding of NOLA

Propose real street-car routes for all


Why Your Vote Counts

OCTOBER 9, 2021

This is City Council seat is non partisan. Every vote counts regardless of your political affiliations. We all want safer streets, economic opportunities, and housing options. I will represent each and every constituents in every section of the city of New Orleans bias-free & fair.


Our new leaders

It is the utmost importance to gain the attention of young adults to educate them of their power and their right to access, participate, and cast a ballot for the candidate that best represent their values, ideas, and work ethics for themselves and their community.


Issues & Political Concerns

I believe city hall is too big for less than a half-million residents. I am a firm believer in ethics. Cronyism seem to surrounds public officials here in the city of New Orleans. No governmental seat is given; it is earned by their constituents. I will advocate and work with my colleagues to implore fiscal responsibility and accountability of our tax-payers dollars. I will work with the governor to implement a Public Advocate seat, one whom will govern our city council, and other departments, and agencies: especially after widely reported abuses of power. Our residents deserves transparency after years of misappropriations of Federal funds, and wasteful spending, I will ensure Covid-19 relief is diverted to where resources are needed.

Sewage & Waterboard/Public Works


Sewage & Waterboard and Public works are the genius of why government outweighs its capacity to serve the residents of New Orleans with minimal flooding opportunities to homes and commercial businesses. After a vehicle was found underground a thorough search & inspection of the hundred of miles of our canals and drainage system would have been completed or at least initiated. Instead, every time it rains anxiety and reality sits in when there is nothing we can do but hope the pumps are properly working.




Entergy is a monopoly in the city of New Orleans. From fake activist to more sporadic power outages, Entergy has been deceiving the city of New Orleans for decades. Utility carriers can be replaced and other carriers can be sought-out to give our residents an options to select a more stable carrier with a solidified power grid of their choice. As the CBD lights illuminated, residents are in the dark; again with inadequate responses. I will work with our only power supplier and plead for resiliency and demand accountability.

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Millions of Federal funds were allocated for our school systems. I will ensure wasteful spending is avoided and accountability for every dollar to be fairly distributed across the city of New Orleans. Ventilation is a basic form of infrastructure that can help reduce the spread of Covid-19 with our schools. Advocate with state leaders to increase teachers, paraprofessionals, school nurses and social workers' pay.

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Health Care


As we have known for decades, healthcare is a human right to all that require medical needs. The pandemic did not expose what was obvious. We now need to take incredible measures to fix a broken and inadequate healthcare system. The best scores does not make the best medical staff for all patients, hiring the best candidate keeps healthcare fair and equitable for all.

Woman & Doctor

Our Pets


Our furry friends are apart of our daily lives. In District D there are no dedicated dog parks. You can google my concern, pet services, boarding, and farming stores are nearly non-existent in our section of the city. This must change-this is clearly by design; not coincidence.



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